How to Save $20 on Ulta it Cosmetics Coupons for Girls

Ulta is the latest beauty retailer to take advantage of a coupon-heavy spring season and is using its online sales to promote its new girl cosmetics line.

Ulta has been working with a select group of brands to bring back some of their favorite products to the store.

The brand has also announced a new coupon for the first three months of the spring season that’s up to $20 off the full price of a full-size product or $20 savings on a select product.

This is the first time that Ulta has introduced this discount on the girl cosmetics lines, but the company said it plans to expand this offer throughout the fall and spring.

Here’s what you need to know about Ulta’s new girl-focused coupon.

What’s Ulta?

Ulta sells cosmetics, makeup, and body care products online.

It has more than 3,000 locations across the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Ulta was founded in 2002 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why is this a deal?

Ultanation has been offering discount coupons since 2014.

Ultanations coupons range from a 10% discount on beauty products to a 10-20% discount when purchasing products at the store online.

Ultalens coupons range in price from a 3% discount for $5 to a 15% discount at the Ulta Online Store. offers a 10%-off coupon for Ulta cosmetics coupons.

Where do I get a coupon? is a great place to buy Ulta coupons, but it’s not the only place you can get a discount on a full size beauty product. has Ulta beauty coupons that are 10% off.

If you want to save even more money, Ulta recently announced the launch of its Ulta Shop discount.

This discount offers up to 50% off on full-price beauty products at Ulta stores., a popular online shopping destination for Ultas, offers a free 30-day trial of Ulta Beauty.

Ultas beauty brands can also get free shipping on some of its products. 

Ulta also offers a $10 discount for customers using a credit card. 

If you are looking to save more money online, you can use this coupon to get $20 to spend on Ultadistreet, a free shipping discount on Ultas products, or a free free shipping coupon on 

Are there any Ulta coupon codes I should check out? 

Ultalent offers Ulta Coupons.

Ultastreet is a 10 percent discount on most full-priced beauty products.

Ultamatime is a $5 discount on select full-sized beauty products and a 10.25% discount in the Ultaviewer section of the site. and offer Ulta promo codes that can be used on a variety of UltA products.

All of the above coupon codes are listed on the website, but Ulta also has a list of some other discount codes. 

What’s the Ultalence promo?

Ultalence is a new deal from Ulta that’s worth checking out.

Ultantence offers a 15-day free trial of a free full-length beauty product from Ultas own UltaShop.

Ultatime offers a discount of 15% on UltABeauty.

Ultabreeze offers a 50% discount with a valid credit card on all UltA Beauty products. can also be used to buy an Ulta item, but this is a coupon code only and is not available online.

How do I redeem my Ulta Ultalences promo code? 

There are two ways to redeem UltaUltalences coupon code: 1) redeem online at 2) click on the QR code below to receive your code.