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New York, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cosmetics maker Lumina, a maker of skin-care products including skin-perfecting and anti-aging products, today announced that it has signed an agreement with the brand’s new Beauty Insider, a beauty product portal for the millennial audience.

Lumina’s Beauty Insider service will be available through the Lumina Beauty Insider app and through the Beauty Insider mobile app on Apple and Android devices and Windows Phones.

The Beauty Insider portal is powered by Lumina’s proprietary Beauty Analytics platform and is optimized for Beauty Insider subscribers.

The Beauty Insider product portal will provide subscribers access to over 10,000 Beauty Insider products and a curated selection of cosmetics and beauty trends, including products from leading brands such as Clinique, Ulta, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Sephora, and more.

The portal will allow Lumina to deliver its customers more personalized beauty experiences that are personalized for them, which will include the ability to easily create a personalized shopping cart for a particular product or brand, as well as the ability for customers to see the products in person and to get in touch with Lumina about them.

Lumiina’s new partnership with Beauty Insider will allow its customers to experience beauty at a level they never have before.

Luminas CEO and founder, John Withers, said that the Beauty and Beauty Insider partnership marks a milestone in the evolution of Lumina and Beauty Insiders.

“Lumini is always looking for ways to better serve our customers and create better experiences for our customers,” said Wither.

“This partnership with the Beauty Insider team is an exciting step towards that goal.

We look forward to collaborating with the team on the BeautyInsider platform.”

Lumino’s Beauty Insights will be a curated collection of beauty trends from leading beauty brands.

The products will be curated by Lumino’s team of influencers, and the curated products will also feature the Lumino Beauty Insoles, a range of beauty products and cosmetics.

The range of products will feature products from Lumina brands such the Skin Deep Foundation, The Skin Perfecting Primer, The Beauty Insense, and many more.

Lumiina will also introduce its own Beauty Insider Beauty Lab, which is an innovative platform designed to offer an intuitive, curated experience for customers.

The beauty lab will be powered by the Luminas proprietary Beauty analytics platform and will provide the tools to manage and monitor the beauty trends across all Lumina products and products across the brand.

The beauty lab is designed to enable customers to manage the best possible beauty experiences with Luminars Beauty Insignias, which allow them to track the trends, products, and products by category.

For instance, customers can view the best-selling product in the Beauty Lab and then see the latest trends in that category by selecting the category and seeing the best products.

Lumeninas Beauty Insider platform will be free to Lumina subscribers who subscribe to Luminaris Beauty Insider.

Lumina is also excited to continue to grow its business by introducing new products and expanding the range of Beauty Insides to Luminos existing customers.

“The Beauty Insenses Beauty Lab will help Lumina continue to expand its product line and expand its existing Beauty Insensories.

We will be launching the Beauty Labs soon and expect to launch the BeautyLab in the coming months,” said John Wethers.

“We look forward, as we have always done, to expanding our business and expanding our customer base.”