Rihanna’s Cosmetics Rihanna Cosmetics to launch in Canada as soon as 2017

The Rihanna cosmetics brand is poised to launch its first Canadian store soon after a deal was signed with QVC.

The brand’s brand ambassador, Laura Fenton, said that Rihanna has been in talks with the Canadian cosmetics giant and will be opening its first store in Vancouver sometime in 2017.

The company is currently in discussions with retailers and distribution partners in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Fenton said that the stores will feature a curated selection of brands from across the globe.

Fenton said the new Canadian stores will offer a curated experience and be built around a vision for a Canadian cosmetics brand.

Fortunes are still in play for the brand, however, and Fenton added that she did not know whether the stores would launch immediately or wait for further information from QVC about the potential launch.

According to the Canadian brand’s website, the first Canadian location is set to open at the QVC Tower on July 25, 2017, in Vancouver.QVC is expected to announce the location on July 18, 2017.

Finton said that she was hopeful that the location would open in the fall and be the “largest QVC store in Canada.”

According to Fenton’s company website, QVC is the largest chain of beauty and personal care stores in Canada and is the official retailer of QVC brand products in Canada.QFC Canada and QVC Canada Group are the parent companies of QSC Brands Canada, a subsidiary of QFC Canada Group, a unit of QTC Group, and a joint venture of QEC Group and QFC.