How to cure a bad tan

The tan is a major contributor to people’s health problems and many dermatologists now recommend using a sunscreen.

But many skin care products contain harmful ingredients, and the tan can cause serious damage to skin.

One dermatologist believes he has found a way to stop it from doing so.

Dr Mark Wessel is an expert in the field of skin cancer and he has spent the past 15 years treating people with skin cancer, including melanoma.

But this time around, he is hoping to treat people with a skin condition that he has previously only been able to treat with chemotherapy.

Dr Wessel told 7.30 there are many things he can do to stop the tan from damaging your skin.

“The key is to stop taking the tan out of your life and let it go.

There’s a lot of things that can be done, including wearing sunscreen, wearing eye masks, wearing facial masks and avoiding the sun,” he said.

He says he has been using an anti-tan cream called Mystic Blue for several years.

Dr Chris Silliman, a clinical professor at Sydney’s Queen Mary University of London, says the cream is very effective.

“I would say if you have this treatment and you stop the sun exposure for two to three weeks you have an immediate reduction in your melanoma,” Dr Sillim said.

“But there is some evidence that this cream may be more effective than chemotherapy, and so that could be important if you’re taking chemotherapy.”

Dr Wetherspoon says the most important thing to remember is to wear sunscreen.

“Sunscreen is not just for the sun.

It’s the sunscreen, and it should be the top priority, not the second priority,” he says.

Dr Sillson says people with severe sun damage who are suffering from acne or acne-related skin conditions may benefit from using a moisturiser with a sun protection factor of 12 or higher.

“If your skin is suffering from severe sundamage then you need to make sure you’re getting sun protection, otherwise your skin will become very irritated,” he told 7-30.

The Daily Telegraph has contacted Dr Weddles cosmetics for comment.

If you have been affected by the tan, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.