How do you spot a drugstore skincare brand?

A drugstore brand is usually built around the idea that they are “better than other brands”, and the company has a mission statement to get you thinking “better” instead of “good”.

However, this can also mean a lot of marketing copy is misleading you about the products you buy, as well as the ingredients they contain. 

Here’s what you need to know about the ingredients and ingredients that make up most drugstore products, according to the FDA.

If you’re unsure what a drug store brand is and how they are marketed, here are some resources to get an idea of what they are selling:1.

Drugstore brand: A drug store’s goal is to make you think it’s better than other drugstore brands.

They’re usually built on the idea of having a “better feel” than other products.2.

Cosmetic brand: The cosmetics brand aims to give you the impression that their products are made with “the highest quality ingredients”. 


Homecare brand: This brand is focused on the “love” of products, and its mission is to “help you feel more at home”.4.

Health & Beauty brand: There are usually two health and beauty brands in drugstore: A skincore brand that has “treatments, skincurves and body care products” and a skincorpack brand that “has skincares, body and face care products”.

The FDA has issued warnings against some of these drugstore claims, which are listed here: