Lush is coming to Los Angeles cosmetics store

The cosmetics giant is coming back to the city that helped it become one of the world’s biggest cosmetics brands with a Los Angeles-based cosmetics store, a move that comes after years of losing ground in the Los Angeles market.

Lush will open its first store in L.A. on Wednesday, and it plans to add about a dozen more in the city’s Westside neighborhood over the next year, according to a news release.

Lush has been looking for locations to open in the area and it hopes to open a store on the Westside sometime this year, said company president and chief executive John A. Hargrove.LUSH said it is planning to spend $5 million on a new store in Los Angeles, which will be a new Lush location for L.I.M.

Hargrovel said the store, which includes a salon and spa, will open in September.

LUSH said that the new store will be similar to its existing Lush stores in New York, Miami and other cities, but it will be bigger and offer more beauty products.

L.A.’s Lush franchise has been growing in popularity, with about 1,000 stores now in the U.S., according to the company.

Harned said that Lush plans to open two new L.L.” stores in the future.

The company plans to invest $50 million in new stores over the coming years, Harnen said.

Lushes first store opened in 2009 in the historic South of Market neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Harsh, upscale Lush makeup brand began its first U.K. store in 2008 in Brighton.

The first store was in Los Feliz in 2009.


Hargrotve said the new LUSH store will have a salon-like atmosphere and that it will offer “a fresh mix of cosmetics” and beauty products to the Los Felises and Los Angeles area.

Harmon also said that it plans “to introduce new beauty products and brands.”


Harned has said the company is planning about 2,000 additional new locations around the world, including locations in China, India, Japan, Russia and Turkey.

HARMON said it has plans to expand its presence in Los Angles, Los Angeles and other U..

S. cities over the following years.