‘Terra Moon’ to launch in April 2018

Korean cosmetics giant Terra Moon is set to launch a line of cosmetics in the next two years, but the first products in 2019 may be a few years away.

Korean cosmetics giant Terra Moon announced Wednesday that its Terra Moon Beauty and Cosmetics brand will launch in 2018, but only to be followed by other new products in 2020.

Terra moon has announced a total of 16 new products from 2019 to 2020, which include the first-ever line of skin-care products, a skincare line and a range of facial and body care products, according to a press release from the company.

Terrapin beauty, an upscale brand for men and women, will launch the Terra Moon Cosmetics line in 2020, and will follow up with its Beauty, a line for women and children.

Tera moon is set for a big launch in 2019.

But, unlike the previous products, which will only be available in Korean retail stores, Terra moon will offer the Terra moon Beauty line in Korean grocery stores.

Terrain, a family of skincares that includes face creams, moisturizers and body products, will be launched in 2020 and follow up in 2021.

The Terra Moon Skin Care line is set as a family product line for men, women and babies.

Teras skin care line will be available at Korean grocery and department stores starting in 2020 with Terra Moon Skincare products available at participating supermarkets.

Terraflex cosmetics, an affordable line of products aimed at families and teens, will also launch in 2020 in stores and online at participating retailers.

Terra Moon’s line of skinfaces includes face masks, body lotions and other products, and is available at grocery and online stores starting at $2.99.

Terran moon is expected to unveil the launch of Terra Moon Facial and Body Care line, which includes a range to be released in 2021 at its online store.

Terra moon has a long history of launching affordable products for families, with the line of Facial & Body Care, available for $7.99, available at Walmart.

Terralm is expected in the coming months to announce a number of products for its Beauty and Beauty Family line, and launch the products in the grocery and retail stores beginning in 2020 starting at the current price of $7 per jar.