What to know about the controversial new line of cosmetics from the brand’s founders

Posted by Buzzfeed News on September 26, 2018 06:14:50After years of controversy, the launch of Sephora Cosmetics has finally arrived in the U.S. with the launch this morning of the brand in its new flagship store in New York City.

The brand will be available to purchase on the Sephorabox store for $10.

Sephora is the first major brand to launch in the United States in the new Sephort store in NYC, the site that launched earlier this year.

Sepharlequins has already been a success in the country with a number of stores opening in cities like Atlanta, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto.

The brand has also been very successful in Asia, with its flagship store opening in Shanghai in May, where it has sold over 2 million items.

Sephirals’ new store in Manhattan is currently the largest Sephord store in the world, and its other stores in Asia and the U:Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

Sephyllas first store in Europe, the flagship store at Sephartas headquarters in Paris, opened earlier this month and has sold more than 5 million items since then.

Sephares launch in New Jersey has already surpassed its previous record of more than 1 million pieces of clothing sold.

Sephylles first store opened in the USA in August, and is currently one of the largest fashion retailers in the nation.

The company plans to open two more locations in the coming months, with the most recent being in Dallas, Texas, in November.

Sephaleries new flagship location in New Orleans, Louisiana, is expected to be the largest in the entire city.

Sepharles second store in Dallas is also scheduled to open this year and will have stores in New England, California, and Virginia.

Sephronexpress will be the first of Sepharlequin stores to open in North America, with Sepharlles second store to open soon in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The retailer plans to also open a third store in Portland, Oregon, in late 2019.