How to create a beautiful, clear plastic case for your favorite space ship

Adore Cosmetics, a beauty brand that sells makeup brushes and body care products, has teamed up with the space exploration firm SpaceX to make a plastic case that can be used for space exploration.

The company says the case is the first of its kind in the world, and it’s designed to hold up to 100 grams of space junk, which can be collected and moved around.

It’s also a great way to keep your favorite items, like your lipstick, makeup brush, and body cream, safe from the elements.

Adore said it’s also made a limited run of the case in various colors, including the blue-and-gold color seen in the photos.

SpaceX is partnering with Adore on this project to help make the space case more durable.

“SpaceX is an incredible company with a great mission, and we wanted to create an innovative product that can help make people’s lives better,” said co-founder and CEO Rachel Wray.

“It’s a very simple solution to a very complicated problem.”

The company has already begun working with NASA to test out the case.

Adores founders and CEO Rebecca Haines said the space junk-collecting space case is designed to withstand being dropped from a height of about six meters.

Space junk collects up to 1,500 tons of dust a day, so Adore is offering a plastic version that can hold about 3,000 kilograms of space debris.

Adorable photos of the Space Junk Collecting Space Case show a shiny white metal box, with a shiny black frame and a shiny silver lid.

Adored also released a video showing the case being assembled in its current state.