How to shop for Ulta Beauty’s ulta beauty box

The beauty giant has revealed how it will ship its newest line of products, which include a line of makeup, nail, eyeliner and eyebrow products.

The Ulta Box, the first of its kind, will be available for purchase from June 11.

Ulta says it will include “beauty for all”.

Ulta Beauty, the US’s biggest beauty retailer, has long been known for its high-end makeup, high-priced products and high-quality products.

It was recently bought by Walgreens, a US company that is now owned by Wal-Mart, for $3.8 billion in September.

The US retailer also announced plans to make its own nail polish and eyebrow gel for the first time, with the first products in the line expected to be on sale in late 2017.

Ulta says the line will be priced at $25 a pop and will include more than 100 shades of makeup.