Which mascara is best for me?

When you have oily lashes, it’s easy to get a bit confused by the types of products available.

If you are looking for a mascara that will help you look your best in photos, or that won’t make your lashes look too thick or clumpy, look no further.

Here’s what you need to know about different types of mascaras for oily eyelashes.

The first thing you need is mascara that contains a water-based product.

This is because the water from your lash curling gel can irritate your eyelashes and cause them to clump.

You can find waterproof mascarases that contain water, which are more water-resistant.

Secondly, you need a mascara to help curl the lashes.

This means that it contains ingredients that curl the hair into a curl, rather than clumping.

You can also choose mascara with a texture that is less viscous than gel-based mascarashes, such as gel mascara.

Lastly, you should avoid mascara that is not waterproof or water-absorbing.

This includes products that have been tested on animals or animals that suffer from allergies, or contain ingredients that are not approved for human use.

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