When the best of the best are at Smashbox cosmetics: the best mascara, eye shadow and lip balm

The best mascara is the mascara of your dreams.

When you have a full house of talented makeup artists at your disposal, you’re going to be able to pick out the perfect mascara.

But that’s only half of the battle when it comes to the best eyeshadows.

For that, you’ll need a lot of products, a lot in stock and the right shade to suit your skin tone and eye colour. 

Here’s our guide to finding the best eyeliners in the world and what to expect from your favorite brands.1. 

Smashbox Cosmetics: Fancy lashes?

You’re in luck! 

Smashing mascara is a must-have in this collection of lipsticks.

It’s a unique blend of different lipsticks to match the different colours of the mascara and can be used in place of your usual mascara, making it ideal for a quick make-over when you need a fresh coat of mascara. 

The new Lipstick Collection  features two new formulas: Porcelain & Clay Lipstick and a cream-based formula.

Porche Lips have a creamy texture that dries down into a glossy finish, while the clay formula gives a matte finish.

The matte finish can be applied on top of the lid or brows, or blended into your existing makeup. 

You can choose from six shades of shades, including a wide range of neutrals for a range of colour palettes. 

Pour in a tube or a compact and you can create a beautiful look that lasts for hours. 

For a complete list of products available, head over to Smashbox Cosmetics’  purchase page.2. 

Shutterbug Cosmetics : It’s hard to go wrong with a mascara.

The brand has become a go-to for celebrities and fashion designers with their gorgeous mascara.

It has been called the ultimate mascara for everyday, everyday looks, and you’ll get a full line of it, ranging from the best in its class to some really amazing, super-cute and ultra-brave looks. 

Each of their mascara colours range from bright and golden, to a deep rose pink, to deep copper. 

It can be applied with one of the five styles, but can be combined with any of the other shades. 

Its easy to mix them together to create a gorgeous effect. 

To get the perfect effect, try applying a little of each colour to a darker area of your face, such as your cheekbones. 

This can create an almost eye-catching look, or if you’re more of a makeup artist, dab a little colour over your eyelids to give the look more definition and a dramatic effect.

Shutterbug’s new Lip & Brow Collection is available from September 2018.3. 

Clinique :   You’ve got a mascara to go with the perfect outfit.

But when it’s time to do something a bit more luxurious, you’ve come to the right place.

The Clarique collection of lashes is perfect for the perfect evening out, especially when you want to look like a queen. 

They have a variety of colours to choose from and they can be paired with the rest of the brand’s makeup.

Their lipsticks range has a range of shades to choose from, which can be blended with a range or even combined with the other products in the line. 

If you want something slightly more dramatic, try a few different shades of lip liner to create your own look. 


CVS Beauty: This is a no-brainer. 

No matter what your style is, CVS has something to suit every occasion.

Their new collection of mascara is a collection that is perfect when you’re looking for a full range of shades and formulas. 

One of their mascaras, the Shake, has a deep purple, which makes it ideal to go for the eye look.

The other mascarases are lighter shades, which look best when used on the lips, or for a more matte finish on the cheekbones or on the forehead. 

Their Facial Mascara  is a matte black and comes in a range to match your style, or you can opt for a bolder shade and wear it on the cheeks. 

There are so many shades to go through and it’s always a great time to stock up. Check out Coupe Brands at Cove and Luxury Brands at the Coupons section. 

And if you want some fun, you can try out Blooming Beauregard at this weekend’s Black Friday Sale, which will run from Saturday to Tuesday, November 6. 

6. L’Oreal