What the heck is the best mac mascara?

A new makeup ad campaign by Mac Cosmetics aims to clarify the meaning of the phrase “mac” and explain why the mascara isn’t just for women with brown hair.

Mac Cosmetics’s campaign, called “Mac Cosmetology,” features an advertisement in which a woman wearing an unflattering Mac cosmetology brush is seen wearing a MAC mascara.

“If you look in a mirror and see your mascara,” she says in the ad, “you can’t help but notice that you have a black brow.

This is Mac Cosmetological.”

The ad ends with the words “You can’t tell Mac Cosmological from Mac Cosme, but you can know it’s from the mascara.”

The Mac Cosmatology campaign is an attempt to make the mascara a more universal name for all of Mac’s products.

“Mac cosmetics have become the brand of choice for beauty enthusiasts worldwide,” Mac Cosmas’ website says.

“With the right products and the right ingredients, you can achieve a natural look without the need for expensive makeup.”

The mac mascara ad uses the same concept, except it’s directed at a wider audience.

Mac Cosmetic says the campaign will go live on September 5 and run through October 31.