How do you make a bad boy feel good?

In her first article for Playboy, a storybook magazine, fashion designer, and aspiring fashion model, Liza Minnelli, opens up about her experiences as a “brogrammer” in a “feminist cult”.

The article is the latest in a series by the Australian actress and her fashion line, which has featured pieces such as a t-shirt featuring the words “fuck my man” and a collection of women’s underwear.

Ms Minnellis journey has taken her from the US to Canada to Japan and back again to try to prove her worth in a global fashion industry where women are expected to be more feminine and independent.

She’s also spoken about her personal experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of a man she calls “The Man”.

Ms Minellis is the author of several books including The New Normal: How I Got Here and How to Get Over It: Why I Love Being a Woman.

Ms Johnson says she has received support from a network of feminist and gender-queer celebrities, including Naomi Campbell and Stella McCartney, and that she’s had “the most incredible support network”.

The author has been interviewed for a number of magazines, including Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, as well as appearing on ABC television.

The interview is one of a series of “exclusive” interviews conducted with Ms Johnson over the past few years by Playboy, which includes “the best of the best”.

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