How to fix ‘gift exchange’ bug in cosmetics

Cosmetic retailer Cosmetics Australia has confirmed that a bug which would cause cosmetic brands to not show up on its platform has been fixed.

In an email to customers, Cosmetics said it had been investigating the issue since March 8, but it was only recently that it noticed the issue was impacting the majority of cosmetics.

“While we are working on a fix for the bug, we have not received a report of this issue from customers and have not been able to confirm it has affected customers,” it said in a statement.

COSMOS Cosmetics CEO Tony Trew said the issue had impacted about 50 per cent of the retailer’s customers.

Affected customers included the company’s Beauty Box, Beauty Box Plus and Beauty Box Unlimited.

The cosmetics giant has been working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and has issued refunds to customers affected by the bug.

Earlier this week, the ACCC announced a $10 million compensation package to the affected retailers.

ACCC spokeswoman Anne-Marie Nesbitt said the company would continue to work with the affected consumers, and work with other retailers to ensure the issue did not affect their businesses.

She said the commission had also taken steps to make sure Cosmetics Australian had a robust reporting system in place to ensure it did not inadvertently disclose its customers’ personal information.

Trew said Cosmetics was aware of the issue but had not received any reports from customers.

“It has not impacted our customers.

We will work with them as best we can to help them resolve their issue,” he said.