A look inside the beauty empire of one of Australia’s wealthiest women

In 2017, it was an average day for Kate Smith.

She would leave her house at 5am, walk to the supermarket and buy products, and then return home, her shoes and hair in tow.

On her return, the 33-year-old would spend the rest of the day eating breakfast and visiting her family.

It was a routine she says she had no doubt would end when she was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

The diagnosis came in October last year and Smith spent the next few months battling her battle for survival, but also getting to know her family and friends.

“It’s been a lot of hard work and I’ve had a lot to overcome,” she said.

Kate Smith, 33, spent more than $4 million on chemotherapy treatments.

She has lost over 40 per cent of her hair and has been forced to take off her makeup and hairpieces to make her look healthier.

In 2017, Kate Smith spent more $4,000 on chemotherapy.

She says she has lost more than 40 per percent of her facial hair and is forced to wear makeup and stop having her hairpieces removed.

Smith had to take the drugs to try and fight off the cancer.

Her family says she is a “loving, caring, caring person” who is “wonderful” with her family, friends and children.

But now, in the wake of the news that she will lose her hair, Smith has been left devastated.

I am not going to be able to give the love and care that I have been giving my family and all the people I’ve worked with,” she told News.au.

Read moreKate Smith’s mother said the diagnosis is a wake-up call for anyone dealing with terminal cancer.”

We are all going to have to start looking at ourselves and the things that we do, and make sure that it’s something that we can do with some dignity and strength and resilience,” Michelle Smith said.”

I think people are going to start to look at themselves differently.

“You’re not going the same way that they did.”

The Smiths have been told they will not be able a home and they will have to leave their home in the south-east.

Despite the challenges they are faced with, the family is hopeful they will be able move out in the future.

A spokesperson for the Smiths confirmed the family are “actively considering” relocating to another area and are hopeful to find a new place to live.

We are a small family who love to live our lives in the sunshine.

We want to continue to do that.

Michelle Smith said the family’s financial struggles have made it tough for them to make their own decisions, but they have been supportive.

They are also trying to help others with similar circumstances.

“Our hope is that it will be something that people do and that they feel safe enough to do,” she added.

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