Kylie Jenner is the latest to be accused of plagiarism

The beauty brand Kylie Jenner has been accused of stealing the look and style of a famous beauty product.

The fashion and beauty products are both owned by the same brand, Jafra, which also owns Bora Bora cosmetics and The Skin Care Line.

Jafra has also been accused in a plagiarism complaint by the British artist David Gove.

In a post on the brand’s Instagram account, the artist said: ‘I have never heard of this brand until today, so I was a bit shocked to hear about this and have contacted them.’

I think they should make sure they are aware of this, because I feel that their plagiarism allegations are ridiculous.’

In a statement to The Independent, the company said: ”We are aware that a complaint has been received from a British artist, David Gow, who has alleged that his artworks have been used without permission by Kylie and Bora.’

We take these allegations very seriously and we will be addressing them with our legal team.’

As we do not comment on individual cases, it is inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage.’

Last week, the British celebrity was accused of copying the look of a cosmetics product from a German cosmetics brand.

In a tweet, Gove said: “Beauty products, makeup and skincare all belong to Bora and Jafras brands.

Kylie is the first to be caught with plagiarism.”

Earlier this year, the beauty brand was accused by a German artist of copying his style and look of his famous products.

Diana Rigg, the art director at the British Academy of Dramatic Arts, has said in a tweet that the artist, whose name is Bruno Rigg-Panther, has plagiarised her work.

A statement from the German brand was sent to The Observer in response to the accusation. 

‘It is our practice not to comment on specific cases.

The German Beauty Brand does not have any direct dealings with us and is a registered trademark of Bora-Bora.

‘The Beauty Brand has a long and proud history of making beauty products for the German market.

We are extremely proud of our German products, which are sold in more than 70 countries.”

The Beauty brand is committed to creating an inclusive beauty and social experience, and this includes respect for our cultural heritage, artists and artists’ rights.

‘Our brands are always committed to ethical production, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

‘We believe that it is a good practice to cooperate with other artists and brands and that this should be carried out in good faith.’

In the statement, Bora, which is owned by Jafracor, said:”Bora-Baora is aware of the allegations made against Bruno Riggs-Panteher.

We can confirm that Bruno has no direct links with the Beauty Brand, Boras, or any of the other Beauty Brands.

”As soon as we receive this information we will immediately take legal action.’

Jafracora does not condone or endorse Bruno’s actions, and will take all necessary measures to ensure the safe use of its brands.’