New cosmetic packaging for TF2 cosmetics

New cosmetics packaging is available for TF1 cosmetics.

Cosmetics can be added to TF2 as cosmetic bags and cosmetic packs.

Cosmetic packaging can be used on the item’s skin or in a cosmetic container.

It is unlocked via the Cosmetic Package system.

Cosmetic packs can contain cosmetic items such as hats, gloves, and weapons.

Cosmetic bag items are used in crafting cosmetic items.

New cosmetics can be purchased in the Cosmetic Shop.

The Cosmetic Shop has a selection of cosmetics, as well as cosmetic accessories.

There is currently no cosmetic item that has been removed from the game.

New cosmetic items can be obtained by trading cosmetic items with other players.

Cosmetic items can only be traded on the Cosmetic Market.

Cosmetic items are tradeable in-game for cosmetic items, and cosmetic items cannot be traded in-games.