Which products are safe to use if you’re pregnant?

The International Association of Cosmetic Dentists (IACD) has issued a warning about a new line of dental products that they say are unsafe to use during pregnancy.IACDs chief executive officer Kate Hoberman told the BBC the warning comes after the release of a study which showed that the products were potentially harmful to the developing fetus.

“The use of these products during pregnancy is completely safe.

There’s no risk of a baby being born with a congenital abnormality or neurological disorder,” she said.

“We don’t recommend the use of any of these in pregnant women.”

The new line is the newest of the company’s dental products to be banned in the UK since the introduction of the EU-wide new child safety standards in March.

“This is a concern for all of us in the cosmetic industry and it is something we are now working on to address,” said IACD chief executive Kate Haberman.

“We know that the new rules are going to come into force this year, so we have to act quickly and be sure that our products meet the new requirements and we will do everything we can to comply with the new regulations.”IACd advises people to follow all instructions on the product packaging, before using any products.

“All new products are to be tested for safety prior to introduction in the marketplace and all new products should be labelled so that consumers can understand what they are and why they are being used,” she added.

Hoberman said it was “very important” that the IACDs products were available to pregnant women.

“It is not enough just to take our products out of the bottle.

The information we need to be able to use them is on the packaging,” she explained.”

To take a product that’s safe for use in pregnant people, you have to be familiar with it and then understand the risks involved.”

What you need to know about umbilical cord blood donationHiberman said there were a few products out there that were marketed as being safe for pregnant women, but it was important to ensure they were not.

“If a product is sold to a pregnant woman that’s not marketed to women who are pregnant, there’s no need to get that product,” she told the ABC.

“There’s a lot of people who use the products that are not pregnant.”

Hobermans advice was echoed by Dr Sarah Wilson, a paediatrician and paediatric anaesthetist from the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

“You should always be aware of the risks when using these products,” she advised.

“Don’t put your trust in the product if you are pregnant.

They may not be safe.”IBCD recommends pregnant women take a pregnancy test every year before starting any cosmetic procedures.”

Make sure that you are using the correct product.

It is important to take the pregnancy test at least once a year, because it is important that your body is able to detect any side effects of these cosmetics,” Hobermans said.”

Pregnancy tests are a great way to ensure that the cosmetic product you use is safe for you and that there are no other risks that you may be exposed to during pregnancy.”

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