Coach Kimchi cosmetics bag to go on sale in stores

KIMCHI, Japan — A cosmetics bag for a K-pop star is set to go up for sale in Japan starting Friday, a Korean cosmetics company announced Friday.

Kimchi, the company behind the Kimchi Beauty bag, will debut the bag on Friday, March 13, at the same time as other brands that will be offered in stores starting Friday.

The Kimchi brand has become popular in the country, with more than 400 million followers.

The bag features a Kimchi-shaped pillow case, a large headband, a Kimchis signature signature “piggyback” design, and an adjustable headband that can be tilted to face a different angle.

Its launch coincides with the start of the Korea Idol season, which has already seen the release of K-Pop stars and other celebrities in Japan.

To celebrate the launch, the K-Beauty company will be selling 10,000 bags in two separate price points for 10,700 yen ($16).