Cosmetics expiration date: Skinn cosmetics will need to go on sale to keep up with demand

Cosmetics cosmetics expiration date is set to be set for June 30. 

The deadline is an extension of a ruling from the UK Supreme Court in September that said cosmetic manufacturers must comply with the rules of the European Union to stay on the market.

The ruling was issued following a long-running legal battle between skinn and the EU, which was triggered by the cosmetics’ inclusion in a line of “precious metal” cosmetics in the first wave of cosmetics introduced in 2010.

Skinn’s cosmetics must be sold at least 24 hours before they expire and must be “not sold for more than 24 hours” from the date of sale. 

However, the company said on Friday it would not apply for an extension, and its products would continue to be available until June 30, which would leave skinn’s brands in limbo.

“The European Union has not made any decision to extend this date for cosmetics,” a Skinn spokesperson said in a statement.

“This is not because of any other reason, but because we do not want to delay the opening of our products.

The company will continue to supply its products and customers will continue their shopping in the meantime.

However, we will not be selling cosmetics in Europe until the end of June.”

The European Court of Justice ruling said that cosmetics were not products subject to the same restrictions as pharmaceutical products.

However, the ruling did not make it compulsory for manufacturers to have the expiration dates of their products set in their websites.