The latest news about nude cosmetics

Nude cosmetics have been on the up for a while, but now they have a new name: Estate cosmetics.

The new brand has been launched to coincide with the birth of its first founder, Gergel von Nude, who has been a vocal critic of the company.

The brand has already attracted attention from a number of celebrities, including actress Shailene Woodley, who is also the co-founder of the cosmetics brand Beauty & Co.

The company says its mission is to “provide affordable and easy access to high-quality, affordable and natural products”.

Gergel Von Nude is one of the founders of Estate cosmetics, a brand that launched in September, with its first product, a cream-based foundation.

Its other products include a highlighter and nail polish, and its most expensive product, the Gel Lashes.

Mr von Nudens sister, Sarah Von Nuden, founded the brand in 2006 with her husband, Gertrude von Nudes, who had previously worked at luxury brand Chanel.

The elder von Nuding also founded the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, which sold for $2.3 billion in 2015.

The duo also founded beauty company Urban Decay, which has a $10 million investment.

“I think the trend in the past few years for luxury products is really exciting for women to have affordable options,” Mr von Nuder said.

“For me, it’s about getting in touch with our roots and our values.”

And it’s important to show that beauty can also be affordable.”‘

It’s like going into a barber shop and seeing a beautiful woman in a black wig and makeup.’

I’m not ashamed’The elder Nuding said the name was inspired by the idea that the beauty products were not just cosmetic, but also a way to help women deal with the stressors of life.”

People want to look good, but it’s like they don’t know what to do with themselves when they’re in a situation where they need a lot of help,” she said.

The family-owned company says it has been in the market for about a year, and had been in talks with cosmetics companies for some time.”

It’s about bringing the family name back into the beauty industry,” Mr Nude said.