China’s cosmetics makers: Animals tested cosmetics

A group of cosmetics companies, including animal testing, has issued a statement calling for China’s cosmetic industry to adopt animal testing practices.

The statement comes as China seeks to boost animal welfare after two large-scale animal experiments were conducted on pigs.

The statement came as the China’s Ministry of Health and Family Planning said that a total of 9,000 animals from across the country were tested at a veterinary clinic for the first time.

The clinic is being used to conduct animal testing on animals and will eventually be expanded to allow the use of animals in the cosmetics industry.

The testing will be done at the Veterinary Medicine Clinic, which is currently in use in the city of Xinyang in the south of the country.

The department said the aim of the clinic is to conduct “animal-safe testing of cosmetics in a timely and efficient manner” and “provide good scientific quality assurance.”

It added that the tests will be conducted “to verify the safety and quality of the cosmetics” and to prevent animal cruelty.

Earlier this year, China banned cosmetics companies from using animals in their testing.

China’s cosmetics industry is already struggling with low demand for cosmetics and its own health problems.

According to a recent report by China Consumers Association, more than half of the 1.3 billion cosmetics consumers surveyed in the country said they wanted their brands to be cruelty-free.

(Reporting by Jia Liu; Editing by Alistair Bell and Mark Heinrich)