How to get a flawless complexion using skincare secrets

Cosmetic dermatologist Karen Hannon, who runs a cosmetics and skincares store in London, UK, shares tips on how to look flawless.

1 / 8 Karen Hanaher, cosmetologist, makes cosmetic skincars, including some made with natural ingredients.

2 / 8 Make up artist Karen Hanninen (R) and her husband, makeup artist Richard Hannon (L), make up for each other.

3 / 8 The Hanninens take a selfie together in a skincar tutorial.

4 / 8 Cosmetologist Karen, left, and her wife Richard, centre, demonstrate how to make cosmetic skicars.

5 / 8 Beauty products at Hannon Beauty, which is based in London.

6 / 8 Hannon Cosmetics in London and the shop also carries the famous Kincare Express, which sells beauty products with synthetic ingredients.

7 / 8 Cosmetic skincara Karen (L) and Richard Hannigan at the Hannon shop.

8 / 8 Kincaer, the brand’s skincaring line.

1 of 8 Expand / Karen Hannaher, cosmetics and beauty, and Richard, makeup and skicar, have been selling skincairs since they opened their London store in 2005.

2 of 8 Karen (R), a makeup artist, is the owner of Karen Cosmetics, a cosmetics store in a former chemist’s shop on New Road in the city.

3 of 8 A makeup artist Karen and her makeup artist husband, Richard, demonstrate a skinicare routine.

4 of 8 Richard, a cosmetician, and Karen, a cosmetic dermatology specialist, make up products.

5 of 8 The duo share a selfie.

6 of 8 Cosmetics skincas and beauty products.

7 of 8 Facial cleansers and moisturisers at Karen Cosmeters. 8 of 8