Why Toribelle is selling its cosmetic teeth to the NHS

Toribelles toothpastes and dentures are used to treat a wide range of conditions including dental problems and burns.

The toothpaste and dental gel are marketed as being safe for children, with a range of brands including Toribella, Toribel, Toribiels and Toribels Dentifrice.

The cosmetics company said it will sell the toothpastas and denture to the United Kingdom’s Department for Health and is looking to sell the products to other countries.

However, it also said it has a “strong interest” in selling its products overseas.

“The Toribells brand is one of the world’s most popular and successful cosmetic toothpasta and dental products, and we look forward to working with our suppliers in the UK to continue to grow our business and expand our footprint internationally,” said Toribela Chief Executive Carole Leung in a statement.

Leung said Toriberels products have “remarkable, high-quality ingredients” and the company will “continue to invest in research and development to provide more effective and affordable solutions for patients.”

Leong added that the Toribele brand is “a global leader in cosmetic toothpaste and dentifrice, and has a very strong relationship with the Department of Health.”

Toribelle said it would work with its suppliers to ensure “the highest quality products are available for sale, and that Toribeli can provide a sustainable and safe environment for our customers.”

The Toribellas products are designed to treat the most common dental problems in children, according to the company.

In a statement, the Department for Children’s Services (DCSS) said the toothpaste “is available as an over-the-counter prescription toothpaste for children and adults aged under 12 years, and can be used for a range for non-routine dental conditions.”

DCSS said it was unable to confirm the source of the tooth paste and was working with the manufacturer to determine the best way to respond to customer concerns.

But the agency said the department “will be investigating” the issue.

Toriba’s statement added that it has been working with its supplier “to ensure that Toriba products are as safe and effective as possible” and said the company “is committed to maintaining a safe and efficient supply chain.”