Why you should never wear a lipstick

A lipstick is an unnecessary accessory, especially when you’re going to wear it in your everyday life.

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t wear a lipstick when you need to, especially if you’re a professional athlete.


You’re not wearing a lipstick.

Lashes are more important than lipsticks, especially in the summer, when the sun is out.

So if you need a more discreet way to conceal your lashes, you can also use a lip pencil or lipstick to conceal.

But you should definitely wear a mascara or other mascara to prevent it from falling out, and a lip liner to prevent the mascara from smudging or coming off.


Your lipstick can get caught in your teeth.

If you’re trying to keep your lips clean, don’t wear your lipstick with any of your teeth attached.

Your mouth will be exposed, and you could break your jaw.


It can get in the way of your makeup.

Locks, car doors, door handles and even keys can get stuck in your lipstick, so don’t be afraid to get rid of it if it gets caught.


You can catch a stain.

The best way to avoid stains on your lipstick is to keep it away from your face.

If it’s in the same area as your skin, it might not even be noticeable.


You might lose the shine.

You’ll want to wear lipstick that’s not too sheer, because it gives you a more matte finish, and will make your skin look more radiant.