‘Bitch slap’ cosmetics brand sues over anti-LGBTQ content

The cosmetics giant elisa, which is owned by Bitch and Bob, is suing Cosmetics International for allegedly making anti-gay comments, The Washington Times reports.

The suit filed Friday alleges that Cosmetics has violated its agreement with Cosmetics Intl.

for providing a “safe and comfortable environment for our customers to express themselves” by not providing gender-neutral cosmetics.

The cosmetics company’s complaint alleges that a Cosmetics representative told a customer who was transgender “that ‘bitch’ is an offensive term and that it is an insult to transgender women.”

The statement continued, “In light of the fact that transgender women are not ‘normal,’ transgender women do not identify as either male or female.

Rather, they identify as gender fluid and identify as a variety of genders and gender identities, including transsexuals, transgender women, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming persons.”

“We have been in constant communication with Cosmics Intl to ensure that the terms ‘bitching’ and ‘biting’ are in compliance with their terms and policies and that we continue to work with Cosmopolitan to ensure our products and services are inclusive and welcoming to all our customers,” a statement from Cosmetics said in a statement.

“We are also committed to working with our customers and employees to ensure their well-being, well-functioning lives, and health are not impacted by any of our products, services, and policies.”

The lawsuit comes amid a rising number of companies making moves to remove or revise their policies that discriminate against customers based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

For example, New York-based brand, Glamazon, announced it will be removing its policy from March 2019.

That policy prohibits the use of the term “woman” in a title, but the company stated that it would “continue to honor and respect the unique identities of our customers.”

And a company based in France, Lush Cosmetics, announced on its Facebook page last month that it was removing its “bitch” policy, as well.

The company’s statement reads: “Lush Cosmicals has recently received feedback from many of our existing customers who feel that this term has become a barrier to their personal and professional relationships.

As part of the ongoing dialogue with our new owners, Lutras is pleased to announce that Lush will not be using the term ‘bitches’ in our products.

We have received feedback that this word can cause a lot of misunderstanding and misunderstanding, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community.

It can be confusing and hard to understand.

We understand that the LGBTQ community is a unique and diverse community and that they may not understand the meaning of this term, and we will continue to respectfully and sensitively discuss this with them.

Lush is committed to the wellbeing of all our staff and customers and we are committed to supporting their safety and well-Being, as we always have.” 

The Cosmetics lawsuit comes as the LGBT community continues to fight for equality under the law.

In March, the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Cosmetics and its parent company, Luttrell, alleging that the company’s “bitching” policy violates the Civil Rights Act.

In the suit, the ACLU alleges that “bitches” are an offensive insult against transgender people and “violates the rights of transgender people to be treated as equal human beings, with equal access to health care, housing, education, and employment.”

“While we are disappointed by the court’s decision, we are confident that Luttll will prevail,” the ACLU said in the statement. 

A spokesperson for Cosmetics did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on the lawsuit. 

The complaint also alleges that the Cosmetics rep told a transgender customer, “you’re a bitch.

You’re not really a girl.” 

“The rep told the customer that ‘bitter’ is not an appropriate term for the transgender woman because ‘bitties’ are a derogatory term used to describe females,” the lawsuit reads. 

“A transgender woman is a woman who identifies as female and does not identify with either male, female, or female,” the complaint continues.

“In the past, Cosmetics may have used the word ‘bisexual’ to describe a transgender woman, but it has since changed to simply ‘transgender.'”

The company has not yet responded to The Washington Blade’s request to comment on this report. 

According to Cosmetics’s website, it is “the largest cosmetics and fragrance company in the world.”