How to choose midas makeup from this 2018 collection

Midas cosmetics is offering a range of midas products for women looking to create a beautiful look on the go, with products for all skin tones.

The cosmetics range includes five shades of matte black lipstick and three eye shadows for those who prefer the matte finish.

Midas also launched a new line of face masks in 2017 for women who like a little more of a powdery texture, including a range for dry skin and a face mask that will help to control your dryness and inflammation.

The collection of masks includes the popular ‘blackberry face mask’ that contains strawberry, orange, and pink fruits for a natural feel and fragrance.

The brand also launched the midas lipsticks in 2018, which include a range in ‘black’ and ‘dark’ shades for a fresh take on the lipsticks.

The collection includes five black matte lipsticks and two eyeshadow shades in ‘dark,’ ‘black,’ and ‘grey’ shades, and one in ‘white’ shade.

The black matte shades are available for $10 each.

Another midas collection is for women seeking a bolder, more sophisticated look with a collection of lipstick shades for women with darker skin tones and darker skin tone, including the ‘black gold’ lipstick for those with lighter skin tones, and the ‘gold’ lipsticks for those of darker skin types.

The range of lipsticks includes ‘black brown,’ ‘gold,’ and the black matte lipstick in ‘gold.’

It comes in a range from $7.50 to $14.50, and is available in a variety of shades, including medium black, dark brown, and gold.

The new line also includes a ‘black cherry’ lipstick in ‘red’ shade, which comes in the ‘brown,’ ‘purple,’ and black matte.

The ‘black cherries’ are available in ‘brown’ shade for $7, and are available on all three shades of the lipstick.