Why is the Australian brand making headlines for using plastic in its cosmetics?

A number of brands including Lorac, Youngblood and Mansi are taking steps to address the issue of plastic in their products.

The issue has been around for a while, but the focus has been on cosmetics rather than cosmetics themselves.

Now, one of the most well-known brands in the cosmetics industry, American beauty brand Youngblood, has come under fire for using a new type of plastic used in their hair care products.

In response to the issue, a number of the brands have introduced a new brand of cosmetics called LORAC.

The products are made with synthetic materials that have been tested on animals to ensure that they are not toxic to animals.

The new products are available to order from Lorac’s website.

Lorac have also launched a new beauty line called the Youngblood Collection.

The line includes three products, one for every hair type.

The Youngblood Haircare line contains three different products, which are available individually for $34.99 each.

It also has a range of beauty and fragrance products.

While the YoungBlood Collection is still in production, it does not appear that it will be released anytime soon.

There is no mention of when or if the collection will be available in Australia.

The Australian Government has not made a statement about the issue.

One of the main concerns about using plastic was a concern that it could lead to plastic contamination in the environment.

The environment is where a lot of the pollution comes from.

The use of plastic does not reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the soil and in the ocean, which can cause significant problems.

This has been shown to be true in Australia, and some studies have shown that the levels of plastic found in Australia’s oceans are far higher than in other countries.

Lorax has come out in support of using plastic as a form of alternative to petroleum-based alternatives in their cosmetics.

According to Lorax spokesperson, Julie O’Donnell, “our commitment is to use sustainable, low-emission materials for all our products, and to be environmentally responsible, and we are committed to ensuring that our products are free of all potentially hazardous chemicals.”

It also said that, while the Young Blood Collection does not use any artificial colours, they use organic colours, which is sustainable.

“We also use organic products in our hair products and are committed not to use any animal-derived ingredients,” she added.

Lorak Cosmetics has been testing the products for over a year, and have only recently come to the conclusion that it is possible to create a product using synthetic materials.

It is still not known if the new line of products will be made in Australia or if they will continue to be made.