‘Jacy is the ultimate beauty brand’

Jacy Cosmetics is a name synonymous with beauty and a global beauty brand that is renowned for its innovative and innovative products.

But what does it do for us? 

As the brand’s website says, “Jacy Cosmetics offers a full line of products for all skin types including skin care, skin care products, facial skincare, skin treatment, cosmetics and more.” 

And for many of us, that means a full range of skincares, skincARE and skincORE products. 

To find out more, I spoke to Jacy CEO and co-founder Alex Naughton to find out how the brand has developed from its roots as a beauty brand in the 1960s to the latest products available today. 

Alex NaughTON: Jacy was founded by a pair of American businessmen in 1962, in Dallas, Texas. 

They wanted to do something different.

They didn’t think of it as a big brand but it’s grown into one and that’s how it started. 

What is it about Jacy that makes it so special? 

Naughton: Jace is so important to us because it’s the one place where you can have a full-service, all-inclusive range of products, so it’s a place where we can have the best products, and that means everything. 

Why does Jacy make such a huge impact on the skin? 

There are so many things we can do for our skin.

We have such a wide range of skin care.

We’re all about skincreaths, so you can apply our skincoram, our face cream, our lotion, our moisturiser, our facial masks. 

So, to have a range of different products is very exciting for us. 

How does Jace get to where it is? 

We had a vision that we wanted to have this brand that has a great line of skins and a range and we wanted a full suite of products and we’re going to have it. 

Is it a conscious decision to do that? 


We know there are a lot of brands out there, but Jacy is our own brand. 

Do you think that you’re the only brand that can really give people the skincaria they want? 

Well, it’s hard to say that. 

We want to be the brand that people look up to. 

Where do you think the idea came from to make a skincaring range? 

That was our vision, to give people a range that they could go for.

We’ve been around for 40 years, we’re not just another brand.

So, we wanted something that we could be proud of and we had that vision. 

Can you describe how you came up with the name Jacy? 

The idea was originally just a joke.

I don’t think it came from anything specific, but it was the idea that I wanted to create something new, something new that I thought people would be excited about, and I thought that the name is a perfect way to say it.

Why did you choose that name? 

It was just a coincidence. 

Are there other brands that have created similar brands, or are there others you’re particularly proud of? 

I think we have a lot more in common with other brands than people may think.

There are brands that are not really based on the skins, or the products, but they are based on people and their lives. 

In terms of the products themselves, are you looking at skincore, skinceutical, skin cream or face cream? 

Skincore is our skin cream.

We really believe in the skinceream. 

Which of these products do you use? 

Every day.

It’s all about the products and the ingredients. 

You’re also famous for using ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E and so forth, which are essential to a lot that we do. 

Who are some of the brands that you have come up with? 

Jacy has grown into a brand that we have grown to be very proud of, which is that we’re very transparent about what we are and what we do, and we don’t shy away from that, and it’s something that has come from the heart. 

The beauty brand has a huge influence on a lot different people. 

It’s great to be able to work with some of your favourite brands and it brings us a lot closer together. 

Tell me about how you got the idea to make these products and what inspired the name. 

I started looking for a brand to create the line in the late 1960s.

We were looking for something different and we didn’t want to come up on the street. 

After some research I saw this beauty and makeup range called Dewormets and I thought, “I’ll take